6 Finance Instagram’s Accounts to Follow for all your budget, debt, and side hustle needs

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It is never too early to start thinking and talking about finances. Whether you are a freshman in college, just graduated or deep in your corporate job. How you decide to spend your money is important and it can be scary to think about it, but isn’t something to stress over. You may be wondering, how do i even get started? Lucky for you it has never been easier to learn about finance!

Whether you want to learn about budgeting, managing debt, paying off student loans, or all of the above you can find all the tools you need for free.  See below for the Instagram accounts I’m following to get my bank account in order. They cover everything you need to know, from opening a savings account to investing. 


Tori Dunlap, the mind behind her first 100k is based in Seattle, Washington and turned her side hustle into a full-time gig. She saved up over $100,000 while under the age of 30 and if she never saves another dime, she will still have over 1.6 million dollars when she retires. Motivated by fighting the patriarchy and making women wealthy, Tori has many free resources on her account and her website, https://www.herfirst100k.com/, and has a Facebook page to go in and talk with others. Tori is a living example that you CAN have that avocado toast and save for the future. Some of her biggest priorities she talks about are:

  1. Emergency fund, at least 3-6 months expenses in a high yield savings account.
  2. Pay off high interest debt, credit cards, etc., pay off the debt with the highest interest rates!! 
  3. Save for retirement + pay lower interest debt, student loans, mortgage, car payment. 
  4. Personal Big Life Things- college, home, vacation, really anything YOU want.   

Take advantage of an employer match if you have one for your 401k, FREE MONEY…


Zina Kumok is a money coach and writer for Business Insider who paid off 28k in student loan debt in 3 years, and she is here to help you do the same! She talks about compounding interest, savings accounts, retirement, life insurance, student loans and everyday anxiety that can come with money. She has all topics split into easy to way highlights with sound and subtitles.

She also uses fun examples to explain topics, she used a Gilmore Girls example to explain compounding interest. Remember when Kirk outbid Luke for a house with his enormous savings from his odd jobs? If there is anything you learn from Kirk in Gossip Girl, it should be to utilize compound interest and get a side hustle (or many!)


Daniella paid off 35k in debt and made 30k in revenue in 2019 with just her side hustle of blogging, and wants to help you learn how to start a side hustle, save money, and have money to spend. If you are interested in diving into more Canva, Daniella and The Mother of Marketing provide an affordable Canva Happy Hour for only ten dollars. Her financial Instagram account is full of relatable memes and Tik Toks to explain how to have multiple streams of income and setting boundaries on yourself and others for the best life.


Amanda Holden is a writer, speaker, and investing expert with a goal of teaching women how to build their wealth. With 15.7k followers, Amanda is helping women by teaching them how to build wealth. Featured in Forbes and Business Insider, and in her own blog, Amanda dives into best practices for investing, spending and everything in between in her blog, course and social media. Holden likes to talk about investing, social justice issues, and her family, all while explaining some important investing do’s and don’ts. If you are curious about what a 401k and Roth IRA is, and how it can compare to a caboodle, I encourage you to look at @dumpster.doggy. 


With over 23,000 followers on Instagram, 11 years of experience, and 3,500 clients Dr. Hans has many thoughts and tips on the stock market and building wealth. With free courses and lessons posted every Tuesday with references from his favorite personal finance books, you will never be short of information to learn. If you are on the run, he also offers a podcast, The Investing Tutor. He talks about current finance news, how to understand the stock market and your money in general. Dr Hans is hoping to help as many people as he can and close the gap of financial illiteracy.


With 607k followers on Instagram, the financial diet is working towards connecting those on their financial journey and living better with what they have. Realistic and reliable, you can trust them  to help you think about the essentials you didn’t even know you needed and that you are surviving. Sometimes surviving doesn’t mean you are thriving. Remember to drink your water, keep an eye on your credit score and boundaries are important for anyone. One step at a time!




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