Small Business Spotlight: Hard Aspects
Ann Wang: fashion editor at Hearst
Andrea Wurzburger: features writer at People
Anneke Knot: Assistant Beauty Editor at Real Simple and Health Magazines
Ashley Gallerani: Freelance fashion photographer
Becca Booker: owner & CEO of Homemade Social
Brie Clemency: PR and Influencer Marketing Assistant Manager at Revlon
Austen Tosone: beauty content director at Jumprope
Cameron Armstrong: CEO & Founder of Kitty and Vibe
Camille Carter co-founder of K+C Collective
Darren Quiliza: Account Manager at Azione
Gisele Smith: senior account executive at Small Girls PR
Marilyn Hucek: Merchandiser at Ralph Lauren
Kristina Rodulfo: Beauty Director at Women’s Health
Olivia Miller: Trend forecaster at Kohl’s
Mary Gui: Founder & CEO of Sock Candy
Kelly McFarland and Courtney Seamon: co-founders of Mimosas and Manhattan
James Worthington DeMolet: director of brand image and content strategy at Steve Madden.
Vanessa Powell: Freelance Fashion and Lifestyle Editor/Stylist at VLP Brands
Tira Urquhart: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Editor at BET