St. Paddy’s Day outfit inspo based on your choice of drink

Stéphan Valentin

Be the cutest clover this St. Patrick’s Day. You shall relish the festivities undoubtedly whether you are Irish through and through or a wannabe Irish native who uses this holiday as an excuse to drink. Celebrate accordingly this St. Paddy’s Day by coordinating your choice of liquor to your outfit aesthetic. These outfits are inspired by your choice of iconic, traditional St. Patrick Day liquor or beer.


A classic, legendary drink needs a classic outfit. What better way than with a fisherman Irish sweater also known as Aran sweaters. The fisherman sweater originates from the Aran Islands where farmers and fishermen lived and breathed. The fisherman sweater was built on the tradition of the Aran Islands values. Since then, it has been brought down generations after generations. Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in an old-fashioned way with a fisherman sweater and a tall boy of Guinness.


A sweet drink for a sweet outfit. Keep it dainty and refined with a slip dress or a baby doll dress in any shade of green. If ciders are your go-to alcoholic beverage, a pistachio satin dress and white platform sneakers would be flirty and fun while paired next to an Irish cider.

Julia Meehan


Green beer and St. Paddy’s cheer. St. Paddy’s Day is the only holiday that seems to dye everything green including their beer. So, go all out for one day of good luck. From head to toe scream green; the best way to do this is with a green monochromatic look. For an overall tonal look wear different shades of the color green. 


This rich, smooth lager deserves a simple outfit. Pair your Harp Lager with a leather jacket and a “kiss me, I’m Irish” tee. I know you have a corny T-shirt hiding in your closet that you wear once out of the year. This is the one day you can pretend to be a part of the Irish clan and savor the Irish heritage while wearing a bright green cheesy Irish saying t-shirt. 


A bold whiskey needs a bold outfit. Jameson is known to be spicy, nutty and sweet so match that energy with your outfit. Corsets have made their comeback and their rich history during the Middle Ages would be fitting for St. Paddy’s Day. Drink your Jameson on the rocks while you rock a neon green ruched bustier top and black, leather trousers. 


You might not be Irish, but your coffee is. Easy like a Sunday morning, an Irish coffee will keep you company. This cocktail would go perfectly with olive green matching sweat shorts and a sweatshirt.

Drink responsibly and social distance in your matching St. Paddy’s drink and outfit.




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