Winter Fashion Trend Recap 2020-2021

This winter we have seen some fantastic trends pop up! From leather, brown, animal print, corsets, and puff sleeves, the trends were stunning this winter. As winter closes out, here is a recap of what we saw for 2020-2021!

The Leather Edit

Leather whether (faux or not) was a BIG trend this winter and we loved every second of it! The most sought-after item this fall was definitely a tie between leather leggings and leather jackets. Want to make a strong statement? Leather is definitely your go to!

2. The Best of Beiges and Browns

Neutrals were all the rage this past winter and at the top were creams, beiges, and browns. The rich and warm chocolatey looks were all over Instagram and in stores too. They’re fantastic to add to a basic black and white neutral closet!

3. Amazing Animal Prints

The love for animal patterns really took off this winter with cow print, tiger print, zebra print, Dalmatian print, and leopard/cheetah.  This could be dressed up or down and was seen in multiple different stores this year!

4. Crazy for the Corset

A trend of 2020 all over was definitely the corset. Fashioned into dresses, hoodies, tops, and even over clothing, the corset was a beloved piece. 

5. Puff sleeves 

Behold the beautiful puff sleeve phenomenon! From sweaters, blouses, sweatshirts, and jackets, this trend had gone from modern romance to being flaunted at runaway shows. Examples of the best kind of sleeve are filled with gauzy elements and ruffled creations. Drama for every occasion never looked so chic!

6. The sweater vest

The adorable grandpa’s favorite. Knit has made a strong comeback this fall in the form of the sweater vest. The vest being easy enough to style over button downs and turtlenecks for a perfect winter combo. Houndstooth took the cake as being a fan favorite pattern for this past winter!

7. Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets this winter were definitely a must have. Coming in all colors, styles, and fabrics, the puffer is a true trend to die for. Not to mention the amount of warmth this fluffy friend gives during even the coldest months!

8. Loving it in Loungewear

Of course, loungewear has become a big hit during 2020 and now carries over into more relaxed runway collections for spring 2021. From adorable sets with shorts or joggers, to some of the coziest pjs and slippers, loungewear is not to be looked over this year either.

9. Big Bold Boots

One of the coolest trends was the return and upgrade of the combat boot. Now a longer and more modern look to it, the knee-high chunky boot was splashed all over Instagram. Easy to pair with blazers, dresses, shorts, or skirts! 

10. The Shoulder Bag

A super trendy accessory this winter was to own a shoulder bag. Trickled in from fall, the shoulder bag was a huge 90s trend and has been seen for a few previous seasons but made a classy comeback for the winter. Big enough to carry every essential, but small enough to take with you every day.

11.  You’re So Golden

Gold accessories definitely take the cake today! Seen in chunky oversized gold pieces, minimalist rings and necklaces, or gold chain accents, this trend is truly a style classic. Wearing a chunky gold chain and golden rings can bring your style game up to an entirely new level.

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