What You Can Do to Support Black History Month

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Black History Month looks a bit different this year. After the death of George Floyd and Breona Taylor and the countless other lives lost (and the subsequent protests that followed), topics like anti-racism, diversity and allyship sprung up quickly changing the media landscape and brands. These conversations were now out in the open and affecting how top execs at large firms everywhere viewed their very own employees. In order to keep the conversation going, we’re sharing five ways you can continue to support diversity and Black history specifically. 

Buy from Black-owned brands.

Before buying anything, search to see if there are any Black-owned brands that sell the product you’re looking for. I promise you, there are tons. And if you’re not really in the market for anything at the moment, you can always support their businesses by saving, sharing, commenting on and liking their posts on social media. That doesn’t cost a thing.


If you have a little extra to give, you can always donate to one of the hundreds of causes that could use your help. “The Strategist” put together a great list naming 174 causes that are worth it. A simple Google search will also bring up a number of options that support Black communities.


If there is a cause that you’re especially passionate about, look for an organization that is Black-owned. Even in COVID times (and maybe especially in COVID times), there are plenty of organizations that are helping those in need. I’ve seen community refrigerators popping up all over the city, and they are always looking for volunteers to help stock and clean the fridges and assist in passing food out. This is a great way to give back and support Black and other minority communities.

Educate yourself.

Always be learning. That’s something I live by. No one on this planet knows everything there is to know about anything, and learning about Black communities and their history is no different. There are some great books on every aspect of Black history, and there are even Instagram pages dedicated entirely to educating other people about Black history. You should follow Rachel Cargle (@rachel.cargle), Dr. Akilah Cadet (@changecadet) and Blair Imani (@blairimani) to start. Get ready to be schooled … in the best way.

Be a true ally.

While a lot of people may have shared and posted about the deaths of George Floyd and Breona Taylor when they happened, most of it was short-lived. True allyship means consistently showing up and advocating for Black and minority groups. This is by far the most important thing a person can do long term. It doesn’t cost a thing and makes a huge difference. This is the step to take that can change the course of history, and it starts with each and every one of us.

This list is definitely not exhaustive; so much more can be done. However, it’s a good place to start and serves as a map to start supporting and advocating for Black and other minority groups.

Happy learning!

By: Sally Espinosa | Follow me on IG @sallythatprgirl!


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