What is the Black in Fashion Council, and Why is it Important?

Photo by Michael DeMoya on Unsplash

The fashion industry is notorious for its lack of diversity and inclusion, so the Black in Fashion Council has set out to change that one brand at a time. According to the mission statement on their website, the Black in Fashion Council wants “to represent and secure the advancement of Black individuals in the fashion and beauty industry.” But they emphasize that they’re not interested in cancel culture. They want to see “sustained, long-term change.” 

The Black in Fashion Council was co-founded by Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles. Peoples Wagner is the editor-in-chief of “Teen Vogue” and just accepted a position as editor-in-chief of “The Cut.” Charles, on the other hand, owns her own public relations firm. So far, the two have been able to secure 75 fashion brands that have signed on to work with their initiative. 

After George Floyd’s death last year, the Black Lives Matter movement in addition to the protests proved to be a turning point for Black people in the United States. They were able to bring the spotlight to the horrors of what it’s like to be a Black person in the United States, even in 2020. And it’s no different in the fashion industry. Initiatives like the Black in Fashion Council have changed Black people’s lives and will continue the fight to get equality for all. 

Since launching in 2020, the Black in Fashion Council has made several moves demonstrating their goal. In February alone, and for Black History Month, they announced two separate initiatives. The first is partnering with Depop to “educate, empower and celebrate Black entrepreneurs,” according to The Cut. The second is showcasing 16 Black designers in the New York Fashion Week showroom. These two initiatives proves their commitment to furthering the careers of Black professionals in the fashion industry. 

It’s opportunities like these that can change the lives of talented professionals and start the absolutely necessary push to turn the fashion world on its head. It’s exciting to see these changes take shape and get the opportunity to get new perspectives from Black professionals. 

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