Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (Beyond Chocolates and Flowers)

Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is fastly approaching and it’s time to secure those perfect gifts for our loved ones. But I totally understand that buying gifts for the people we love can sometimes be more stressful than enjoyable. Especially when we have no idea what to do so we go down the little more obvious route of flowers and a box of chocolates every year.

Well, don’t sweat. If you’re looking for something to buy for him/her/BFF/hookup/yourself or anyone in between, Fashion Fundamentals has come up with the perfect gift guide for your Valentine this year.

Image Source: SavagexFenty

SavagexFenty Candy Hearts Lace Teddy

There’s nothing wrong with being a little more risqué with your Valentine’s gift. Steam up your night and get somethin’ a little more on the sexy side. The fabric is also super comfortable, so you don’t only look good but feel good as well.

Image Source: Glossier

Moisturizing Moon Mask

Want to get that soft and dewy skin? This soothing facial mask from Glossier works wonders in getting that perfect healthy skin glow.

Image Source: Public Goods

Home Spa Kit

An at home spa? Sign me up! What better way to end your Valentine’s Day with a luxe spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Image Source: Amazon

Digital Photo Frame

It’s a nonstop slideshow of old photos and fond memories. It may not seem like the most exciting gift out there, but trust me, there’s definitely romance in simplicity.

Image Source: Simple&Dainty

Zodiac Jewelry

There’s no better symbol of love than a zodiac sign necklace. This an amazing gift, especially if your special someone is a huge fan of zodiac symbols or horoscopes. It’s also just cute AF.

Image Source: Wildflower Cases

Angels IPhone Case

It’s not Valentine’s Day without adding angels into the mix. This Wildflower case is very protective and super adorable so double score!

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Chloe Glass 7.4 oz Candle

One of the best parts about this Urban Outfitters glass candle, is that it’s so pretty you don’t even need to wrap it up. The elegant jar case speaks for itself. It has a really fresh and earthy scent to it, giving you a nice reminder of the good ol’ days when you could actually breathe in the smell of the great outdoors.

Image Source: The Comfy

Comfy Original Wearable Blanket

Your favorite blanket, but make it wearable. It’s the perfect item to snuggle up in during those chilly nights or to wear for the weekly movie nights. It’s also a great loungewear gift if you’re looking for something to laze around in.

Image Source: Amazon

Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Spend the night in the living room with a bottle of champagne and healthy game of cards that will be sure to spark some quite interesting conversation.

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Self Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal by Insight Editions

Listen, self care is the best care. This 90-day journal provides room for you to regularly talk about your self care routine and come up with positive habits that you can carry on for life. This is a great gift if you’re looking for that extra boost of positivity in your life.

Image Source: Make Custom Gifts

Customized Face Socks

Nothing says “I love you” more than personalized gifts. Especially when you go above and beyond and add your face into the mix.

Image Source: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love 3.4 Oz

Breathe in the smell of love in the air with this addictive scented gift. Your Valentine will absolutely love you for this, trust me. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a great smelling fragrance.

Image Source: Dear Survivor

Female Form Sculpture Necklace

Like it. Love it. Gotta have it. Remember, you can totally be your own Valentine. So feel free to treat yourself to this body positive necklace. No better way to celebrate self love then love of the female form.

Image Source: Blade+Bloom

Blade+Bloom Rich Cleansing Bar/ Brighter than Sunshine

This handmade soap bar will take you back to the beach days, as it’s literally described as smelling like “sunset on a beach in Thailand.” Formulated with shea and cocoa butter, essential oils and sustainable palm oils, this soap bar will keep you or your Valentine’s skin feeling as fresh and smooth as newborn babe.

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