The Ultimate Guide to Spring Fashion

The pandemic has marked a year and spring has sprung. If the pandemic has taught us one thing it is that our fashion sense and identity have been elevated from the deprivation and solitude of stepping out in the public with a proud outfit. This time period has given us endless excuses to stay in lounge sets and pyjamas but not this spring. Match that energy of longer days and dropping temperatures with the ideal outfits for spring. 

The trends of the 2000s and other past decades like the 70s and 90s are immersing in today’s spring fashion trends. For the spring, think patterned, loud outfits but also subtle, neutral outfits. These are the hottest trends for this upcoming spring season. Mismatch your colors and clash your patterns, no one will be stopping you. 

Pop of color

The color palette of spring 2021 has a mixture of classic to inventive colors. From rust, to marigold, to French blue, to burnt coral, to buttercream and ultimate gray are the “it” colors to be worn according to Pantone.

Fashion editors, buyers and influencers are already wearing the popular color palette of earth tones and color-blocking hot pink. Pair these popping colors by starting out with analogous colors, which would share a similar hue like light blue and teal. If you are feeling a bit edgy embrace complementary colors with a power clash of fuchsia and chartreuse. Take it up a notch by mixing your neutral colors and utilizing denim as a neutral. Even more so, from head-to-toe sport a monochromatic outfit in shades of green ash. 

Sneaker game 

Ditch the winter, chunky boots and swap for a pair of sneakers this spring. The sneaker season is amongst us and what’s even better is you can dress up and dress down any pair of sneakers. Create the perfect duo of sneakers and a dress with platform sneakers and a floral, puff-sleeved poplin dress. Tell me that doesn’t scream spring? These are the sneakers you should own this spring:

  • Converse high-tops
  • Nike Blazer Mid ‘77
  • Nike Air Jordan’s

Electric accessories

The accessories are endless for this spring to wear. A universal accessory that is suitable for any outfit is a scarf. The best part about this accessory is how everlasting eternal it is. The options to wear a scarf can be accessorized as a little detail to a handbag, an ascot around your neck or the trendiest of them all, a headscarf.  Other than a headscarf as a hair accessory to wear this spring, a hair claw is just as trendy. Hair claws are simple yet cute. They come in every shape, shade and color from tortoise to pink to rectangular. 

An accessory that you will have to sport this spring is a mask. A year in and I sure hope you have a mask. Make the best of what it is by matching your mask with your outfit. Now, that’s trendy and innovative!

The sun is starting to peak, which means you’re going to need a pair of sunglasses. Hit the streets with a pair of sunglasses everyone will be asking you where you got them. If you’re thinking about changing the tint of sunglasses you wear, try out a pair of warm-tinted sunglasses. Another sunglasses trend is angular aviator shades. Give a special shoutout to Tom Cruise and Freddie Mercury for making aviator sunglasses on-trend. 

The last but not least accessory to own this spring is chunky necklaces. The gold, silver chain has been on trend all winter and continues to be the necklace to wear. But this time around think bigger and better with your chain necklaces. 

Transitional jackets

I don’t know about you but the hassle of wearing a puffy, staticky winter coat is annoying after three months. Praise the lord because it is finally light jacket season. All season long these transitional jackets will be quintessential for the unpredictable, kooky weather spring springs on us. 

Envision Spy Kids with a touch of Clueless when sporting an elevated trench coat. I cannot think of a spring season that a trench coat has not been on-trend. The best investment you may make is with a trench coat. Trench coats can be worn in numerous ways: over a graphic tee or with a solid hoodie. 

Another jacket to think of wearing this spring is a shacket. Shackets are exactly what you think they are a shirt-jacket. I don’t think this could be any better for the spring. Throw the flannel away and strut a shacket. 

A third jacket that is a must in your closet this spring is the quilted coat. It has been seen all over Urban Outfitters and those who are loyal fans have been wearing it but this consumption has taken over other stores like Anthropologie, H&M and Target. Get in on this action of wearing a quilted coat in many colors like peach, cream and sage green. 

Leather weather 

All things leather: leather jackets, leather blouses and leather trousers are the upcoming trends for spring. Head to your nearest second-hand store and search for a vintage oversized, padded leather jacket. If you’re lucky enough to discover this gem you can utilize it in many ways with a graphic tee, a strappy crop top or a white button-up blouse. The next pair of leather apparel you should own this spring is leather trousers. The best part about this trend is that leather doesn’t just come in black it comes in brown, camel or even better animal prints. 

Lingerie but functional 

Lingerie has existed as something you are forbidden to wear in public and only allowed worn in the bedroom. Psych, this spring break the rules and add a twist to lingerie: functionality. Corsets and bustier tops are the hip thing to wear going out or even for daytime wear. They can be worn separately, under a leather jacket or over a white blouse. The options make lingerie across the board a versatile piece. 

Shop at Zara, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch and Artizia for the latest, trendy pieces for this spring.  




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