The sustainability of subscription boxes is sweeping the fashion industry

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

With more and more people leaning away from fast fashion, some brands have taken the initiative to use recycled and sustainable materials, and others have decided to take a whole different approach. The idea of subscription boxes has been around for years. Now, everything from groceries, to beauty, to periods, to “singles”, to fashion, has multiple subscription boxes just waiting for you to sign up. 

In the past couple of years, not only have specific fashion brands created their own subscription boxes, there are entire companies that work with multiple brands to bring together sustainable wardrobes for a fraction of the cost. 


How many times have you bought clothing that ends up tearing at the seam or gets worn out after only a few times in the wash? If you’re a student, parent, or working your way up the job-ladder, you probably can’t afford the quality of clothing you would love to be buying.

Fashion subscription boxes are growing in popularity because they fix this problem. These boxes give you multiple wears of quality clothing that then gets shipped back, dry-cleaned to be like brand-new, and shipped out to the next customer. Most of these boxes are giving pieces of clothing years of life instead of just a couple of wears because the companies have the funds to clean and take care of the product carefully.

Clothing subscription boxes seem to be moving towards helping the modern businesswoman. A simple suit and tie for a man in the industry may never go out of style, but women have a much harder time trying to assert their importance in the room. Subscription boxes take this problem that so many women face, and create a more sustainable bottle around it.


According to an article by Forbes, the success of the subscription box model speaks to the profound effect the direct-to-consumer model is having on the retail industry. As consumers move toward expectations that retailers will get it right the first time, their attention spans have shortened for retailers unable to align their offerings with personalized preferences out of the gate.

Many subscription boxes let their customers pick what will be delivered to them ahead of time, only giving them an element of surprise if that is what the customer wants. These boxes are also the cure for anyone who is indecisive about what clothing they want to buy, or for those looking to try out a different style. 

Another reason why fashion subscription boxes have been so popular is that you know it is a quality product and they always keep you on trend. Whether it’s a box that lets you rent the clothing, or lets you simply buy your favorite pieces and ship the rest back, you’re getting new clothing every couple of months (depending on the box). Some boxes even come with pre-styled outfits so you don’t even have to think about what you’re going to wear. Who wouldn’t want cute, sustainable clothing delivered right to their doorstep?




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