The Most Anticipated Colors This Spring

Wanting some fantastic new colors in your wardrobe this season?

Some of the coolest colors this spring include raspberry pink, matcha green, bright yellow, and French blue are a few examples of Pantones spring/summer 2021 New York color pallet. 

Experiencing a fresh transition from a heavy neutral pallet, the new colors are going to be everywhere. Spring is such a good season to add multiple new, exciting, bright, and bold colors into your wardrobe and this year’s list is looking pretty good.

From runaway to your local Goodwill, you can definitely hop on this trend this spring filled with the brightest colors deep with their vibrancy. Here is your guide to the most anticipated colors for spring 2021 and they are sure to not disappoint.

Raspberry Sobert

Raspberry pink is one of the sweetest colors this season. On the brighter side of the pinks this shade is best known for being a favorite and empowerment color for women around the world. This shade of pink is seen in some of the most beautiful spring flowers and current trends. The richness of this color of pink allow for some super fun outfits this spring. We are loving a color that speaks for itself it is bold and makes a fresh statement for spring 2021.

Green Ash

Otherwise known as Matcha Green, this color is incredibly trendy right now. A cousin to forest or moss green, matcha green is a healthy and smooth green made popular by the heath tea. Similar to avocado green, this color is a true fan favorite for the spring and wanted in most wardrobes. This is a color that is easily worn with multiple other colors, such as brown or white, and found in multiple different styles of clothing. It’s been featured in different runway shows and all over social media as well. Green has long been a symbol of health, rejuvenation, fresh starts and new beginnings which is what everyone is feeling for spring 2021.

Bright Yellow

Like the sun, baby ducklings, pineapple, and lemonade, this beloved color is back for spring 2021. A color that will lift your spirits every time with it happy-go-lucky appeal. Need a great way to combat an April shower? Bright yellow can help you out with that. Yellow is such a fun color to either design the inside of your home with or to wear on a daily basis to make your outfits pop, or even to make a bold statement wherever you may be going. Yellow is this season’s favorite color for his boldness and brightness.

French Blue

French Blue, soft and rich, is another big color for spring 2021. Having the opportunity to match with the sky is something that this blue achieves every time. Not as deep as navy blue, but not quite as light as pastel blue, this blue is definitely one to have for spring 2021. Calming yet strong, this blue is beautiful on all skin tones. French blue is a gorgeous color to wear in dresses, skirts, or French blue earrings. This season French blue is seen a lot in puff sleeves, ruffles, and the corset trend.

Amethyst Orchid

The beautiful and rich color of amethyst is a color everywhere this spring. Similar to lavender or lilac, but with a flair of its own amethyst is a color to be seen lots this season. From the newest styles, to your favorite jewelry, too adorable nail polishes, this color is fresh for the spring season. Purple is seen as being the color of royalty and has been held as being a rather expensive color to own in history, so you’ll definitely want to try this color out.

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