Spring Outfit Ideas for lounging at Home

Need new spring outfits ideas to stay comfy but still stylish. The difficulty of being at home is the ease and simplicity of looking disheveled (if you so choose to even bother with clothes). Not only are these out fits stylish and easy to wear, but you can get them in basically any color!

Matching Sets

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Matching sets are perfect for anyone staying at home this spring. Whether it’s a lounge set, an exercise set, a cute skirt or shorts set, the options are endless for staying a home. Whether it’s a sweatshirt, knit, or a skirt set, staying both stylish and comfortable is easy with matching sets.


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Don’t feel like dressing up? Staying in pyjamas while working at home is definitely a go to during this time of year. Making sure both comfort and versatility are a priority during time at home is a great plus to wearing pyjamas. Not only that but a lot of pyjama sets come in super cute prints and fabrics to maximize that comfort. From silk, satin, cotton, wearing some for the day can’t hurt every now and then!


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Knit items are soft enough to want to keep on during the spring, especially if the knits are a lightweight and not too chunky. One of the coziest ways to relax at home is by throwing a cute knit on and chill out on the couch. Knit doesn’t always have to be overly hot or scratchy either, it just depends on where you buy yours. Some recommendations for lounge sets would be ASOS, H&M, Nasty Gal, and Target.

Oversized tee shirt

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Something to throw on over shorts or wear alone as a dress — the oversized tee is a must have for staying at home. Always a comfortable option for chilling at home, you never have to worry about looking disheveled when paired with matching biker shorts. For me, I enjoy wearing an oversized tee shirt under my half zip pullovers to make a cozy outfit.

Super Soft Sweatshirt

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A classic clothing item that never fails the comfort need. Its close cousin the half zip is a close second in comfort. Oversized and soft, the sweatshirt can be styled for more than just lounging around. Tuck it into a pair of mom jeans or throw over a skirt to keep warm during the cool spring mornings.

Not So Basic Tee

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If you want something simple and easy to pull together a basic tee and a pair of leggings is always comfortable to wear around the house. You can always use a large shirt as a T-shirt dress and style it up or down as you desire for any zoom meetings you might have later that day.

The Sweats Set

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What’s as comfy as a sweats set to lounge around the house in? This is perfect for when you don’t want to dress up and still need to look put together! I really like sweats in neutral colors, but you can buy them in a variety of styles and colors. 

The Short Shorts

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I love wearing shorts around the house when I want something quick and comfortable to put on. It can vary from biker, to cotton shorts, and spanx. I found a really cute pair of white athletic shorts at Walmart that are fantastic quality, but of course I am a college student on a budget, so you may prefer something else.

All About Activewear

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An easy way to stay comfy at home is to use your workout outfits as an outfit. Sets are sold nearly everywhere and come in shorts, joggers, leggings, sweatshirts, and tops of all styles, colors, and fit. My personal favorite places to look for athletic wear are Athleta, Lululemon, and Target. Target carries cute workout sets, leggings, hoodies, and sports bras. Get ready to have all your spring workouts and yoga sessions elevated to a next level energy.

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