Spring hairstyles to try immediately

Rain, rain go away, come again another day. As the good ole spring saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Don’t let that statement manifest your hairdos this spring. Instead, allow for the sudden boost of energy and excitement for the spring air to come alive. Channel that energy of sunshine and longer days through your everyday hairstyles. 

The beanie is being stowed away for the next six months, so the time has come to express those hairstyles you have been anticipating. You no longer have to bundle up for the frigid temps, so lift your spirits and your outfit with the finishing touch of a hairstyle. 

From ponytails, to hair accessories, to buns the options are endless to take on the spring season. Rock these quick and easy hairstyles for all hair types.

Bubble pony

A tiered ponytail, yes, a tiered ponytail. Skip the lame, old, high ponytail and a bubble pony. It’s fun and edgy yet fashionable for any spring fit. Depending on the length of your hair you can use four to eight hair ties to create this bubble pony. Down the length of your ponytail, the elastics will tug on each side to puff up the ponytail.  If you like wearing pigtails you can create this bubble hairstyle with your pigtails. The bubble ponytail is such a quick hairstyle to pump up the ponytail for the spring.

Hair accessories

Barrettes have been on-trend for some time now and continue to be so for spring. Bring back the 2000s with butterfly clips and hair claws. If you’re a busy, bustling gal who needs a fast hairstyle on the go barrettes are just your thing. Barrettes come in a variety of colors, patterns and shapes. Keep it simple and classic with a gold or silver circle and bar hairpin. Another option to pin back your baby hair is a resin or pearl embellished hair clip. Wear barrettes in a playful, lively hairstyle with butterfly clips or a sparkly, rhinestone word clip. Barrettes are the it-accessory you must have in your beauty vanity. If you don’t have hair clips on hand, a puffy, colorful scrunchie will add texture to the hairstyle.


Hair scarfs, hair wraps and headbands are the accessories to have for spring. They’re so easy and so effortless. In less than five minutes you go from a basic hairstyle to a trendy hairstyle. If you are ever in a rush and want to utilize your bandana, wear it as a hair wrap. Another headband trick when you’re on your fourth day of not washing your hair, wear a seersucker wide top knotted headband. 

Space buns

Insert Miley Cyrus. Think disco parties the next time you wear space buns. Space buns are a versatile hairstyle for an occasion you’re attending this spring. Low space buns with bangs flowing in your face are the perfect messy bun for the spring. A sleek, high fashion hairstyle would call for high space buns. Space buns can even be done with your hair half up, half down. 

Tiny braids

Braids have been around since I can remember my elementary days. This childlike hairstyle can make you rewind to the 2000s with tiny braids. For a cool, edgy look, place tiny braids for a face-framing effect. Do not limit yourself to two tiny braids you can do as many as you would like. If you are sick and tired of braiding you can even create twists instead. Another possible hairstyle is pairing a bandana with your tiny braids for a hip hairstyle.

Now start memorizing these spring hairstyles ASAP.




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