Posing Pretty During a Pandemic

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During the pandemic of COVID-19 posing pretty for pictures has become less and less of a trend since our posh styles won’t be seen by the outside world. This is when social media makes an appearance. Throughout the months of the pandemic, people are posing for social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook sharing their most prized possessions for the world. This platform is essential for people across the world to share their passions.

This gives fashion-lovers a fun feature to add to their everyday routines. When thinking of aspects of styling and fashion, I have always had dreams of becoming a stylist in the fashion industry ever since the age of eight years old. I idolized Rachel Zoe from The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo, and from then I knew. This was the career-path for me. The passion behind fashion for me is knowing that personal style is really anything you want to make it. 

When posing pretty online, I love to add accents of sparkle and lace to any outfit I’m wearing. Staples in my collection include darker blues, nudes and creams. I love to spice up my sometimes simple style with statement accessories such as a large handbag, cat-eye frames, minimalistic jewelry to add an extra touch of sophistication to my overall outfit for the day. When matching styles together, I think about the image of the finished product that comes to mind.

Piecing together things in your closet can be chaotic at times without a plan. This is when you let your passion run free. Find purpose in every piece you wear. Finding meaning within the industry you’re in makes life all that much more interesting. Discovering the pieces that make you feel most pretty provide a deeper purpose for your self-confidence. Embrace your prettiness today and remember to pose for a greater purpose!

Some pretty poses you could practice are as follows :

  • Close Up pose – This can be considered one of the most beautiful poses, showcasing a person’s most prominent features.
  • Over the shoulder pose – The over the shoulder pose in my opinion adds dimension and a bit of mystery to the photograph being taken.
  • Surface Lean pose – Leaning over/against a surface adds extra depth to the overall shot because it includes the important figure in front, while still blurring out the background to feature 
  • Power pose (hands on hips statement pose) – Posing in your power proves a powerful statement. Standing in your power is one of the best things a person can do to boost self-confidence.

Perfecting the perfect photo takes patience. Listed below are some tips and tricks to perfect your photos :

  • Treat yourself to a Tripod – Treating yourself to a nice tripod is an amazing treat to have during the times of COVID-19. Treating yourself to something is important.
  • Remember your ring-light – Remembering your ring-light is a MUST. Whether it’s a larger ring-light or one that is attached to your phone, this lighting technique makes a huge difference to the quality of photos you will have. Once you try the ring-light you’ll never go back to a normal camera ever again.
  • Invest in Your Image – Invest in the image quality of your photos. This sets the tone for the rest of the inspiration that follows with your creativity.
  • Self-timer is your BFF – Taking pictures by yourself is no longer a struggle with self-timer. Self-timer is a feature that times your photos counting down from 10 seconds to time the perfect photo for your feed.

When thinking about photos, I always try to remember it isn’t about the pose you perform in the photo but how you present it to the world. In the moment, photos can seem to be the only thing the world clings to during this time of pressure in the world, but why not make it fun. Fun is all of what photos/fashion are supposed to be about. Making memories, remembering moments, and finding meaning in the things some may find meaningless. Both photos and fashion never fade and neither can you.

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