Online Stores to Shop At For the Cottage Core Aesthetic

CottageCore Wear

Cottage Core Wear is a shop on Etsy that specializes in creating cottage core aesthetic clothing. Their shop sells different kinds of corsets with patterns of florals, fruits, animals, and more! Shop with them using the link here

French Meadows Corsets

French Meadow Corsets is an online shop that sells different types of corsets, skirts, and accessories. They make custom renaissance corsets with different silhouettes such as mid-bust corsets, short and long overbust, underbust, and peasant bodice long and short corsets. They collect specific measurements from customers to make their custom-made corsets. Their custom-made corsets are available for purchase here.

Sororite Vintage

Sororite Vintage is a vintage shop selling tops, corsets, lingerie, and bottoms. Their designs have been featured in major publications like Vogue Italia, Glamour Paris, and Who What Wear. Their brand focuses on sustainability and their pieces have been worn by the likes of celebrities such as Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, and Normani. Pieces from Sororite Vintage can be found on their website

Teuta Matoshi

Teuta Matoshi is a fashion designer who is known for their gorgeous dresses. Located in Kosovo, the designer’s dresses have floral patterns, silk, sparkly crystals, and more! The designer has held runway shows in Dubai and New York and built her brand through social media. Shop with Teuta Matoshi on their website


Selkie is a fashion brand focusing on romanticism and the cottage core aesthetic. They specialize in timeless pieces such as puff dresses, flowy gowns, and sweaters with art prints. You can shop with Selkie using this link.

Archiverie Vintage

Archiverie Vintage is perfect for silk, puff-sleeved, and vintage dresses. They also specialize in lace and chiffon dresses, as well as bustiers and cardigans. You can shop their gorgeous, vintage pieces on their website

Lady of Turquoise 

Lady of Turquoise is a vintage shop selling different types of vintage and cottage care dresses. Their dresses consist of floral patterns, patchwork, and polka dots with dresses in different colors! You can shop with them on their Instagram page here.

Duguay Collection

Duguay Collection is an online cottage core shop. They sell two-piece sets, silk, and floral-patterned corsets. They also specialize in corset dresses, and their pieces have been worn by celebrities like Kylie Jenner. They have also been featured in Elle Magazine and on Kim Kardashian’s app. You can shop with Duguay Collection here

Saza Official 

Saza is an online vintage shop, with a concentration on corsets. Their corsets are vintage and hand-made, ranging from $150-$400. Their hand-made corsets are made from French and Belgium tapestry, with each corset being made from vintage recycled materials. They are also made custom to fit each customer’s size. The artwork displayed on the corsets is inspired by the renaissance, with paintings on some of the corsets. They incorporate lots of paintings of angels and floral patterns into their pieces. You can shop with Saza on their website

Hill House Home

Hill House Home embraces the cottage core aesthetic with puffy sleeve dresses and their nap dresses with floral and checkered patterns and pastel tones. Not only does their brand sell cottage core clothing, but they also sell home decor and children’s clothing. Their brand has also been featured in Nylon, Women’s Wear Daily, and Instyle.

Faithfull The Brand
With a focus on femininity and romanticism, Faithfull The Brand is a cottage core clothing site. With production based in Bali, Indonesia, their brand sells the perfect Spring and Summer dresses. With patterns of paisley, polka dot, gingham, the brand is inspired by Earth tones with colors of white, sage green, and pastel. With features in Elle Australia and Nylon, Faithfull The Brand is gaining notoriety in the cottage core world of fashion! You can shop with them here.

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