Major Fashion Publications That are Worth the Subscription

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There are a lot of things that are synonymous with fashion; luxury, Karl Lagerfeld, and fashion publications. Back were the days when you long-awaited this month’s hard copy, starved of anything fashion until it got to you. However, in 2020 you’re always a search and a click away from thousands of resources to see new and upcoming trends, runway archives, and the latest in the business sector.

But with so many options, which ones are worth the subscription? Here, I’ve laid out the best of the best when it comes to online fashion publications.


First up is the classic Vogue magazine you can find on any stylish coffee table. Not only are their chic and savvy covers great for decor, but the magazines are also great for seeing what’s next in fashion and staying up-to-date on high fashion and styling trends.

Although I will admit that American Vogue has lost its touch in creativity (compared to Vogue Italia, and others), I will say that having a hard copy of the latest issue makes you feel like a high fashion boss lady. Plus, they’re great for flipping through at coffee shops or when you’re bored at home (which seems to be a lot lately.)

For some reason, I always felt that magazine subscriptions were so expensive and just another monthly cost I couldn’t afford; however, Vogue is easily accessible for all, with only a $12 subscription for your first year. This gets you monthly hard copes, a cute Vogue card holder that sticks to your phone, and access to all online articles and publications. At only $1 a month, it’s not a bad price to pay, and getting something in the mail each month gives you something to look forward to! However, the only stipulation to this subscription is that after the first year, yearly subscriptions go up to $24, but again, $2 a month is very doable! Definitely worth the money for all the fashion insiders, archive access, and enjoyment you get out of a Vogue subscription.

The Zoe Report

Backed by the Bustle Digital Group, The Zoe Report was founded and created by Rachel Zoe herself. If you don’t know who this woman is, you were probably a child in her prime years of fashion involvement. In the earlier 2000s, Zoe was styling for Brenda Song, The Backstreet Boys, and Lindsay Lohan. More recently, she styles for Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, and Demi Moore.

Geared more towards Millenials and Gen Z’ers, The Zoe Report focuses on everything from high fashion runways to wellness and skincare, all on an online format. The best part, and probably the most important thing to the Gen Z readers, is that there is no subscription fee! Everything on the publication is free for viewers, but if you want to be up-to-date on the inside scoops of The Zoe Report, you can enter your email to receive newsletters and shopping guides.

Although all these features make The Zoe Report great, what sets this forum apart from the rest is the Box of Style you can sign up for. Inspired by Stitch Fix and other subscription style boxes, the Box of Style gives you curated styling kits for every season. However, unlike the other subscription boxes you’ve come to know, this one gives you the option to buy a one-time box for $100, or you can buy a whole year’s worth of boxes for $350. The yearly subscription seems steep. However, you’re getting one box every three months, and they align with the four seasons, so each season, you have something new, trendy, and stylish to break out. If that wasn’t enough, these boxes have over $500 worth of items that you’re only paying less than $100 for! It’s not like Stich Fix, where you pay for what you keep. When you receive the box, everything in there is yours. It sounds like a pretty good subscription deal to me!

Business of Fashion

This online publication is one I always look for a mashup of fashion and industry content. Business of Fashion is a great forum where you can stay up-to-date on style trends, but where you can also grow your knowledge about the industry as a whole. I often feel that social media and popular publications Vogue often focus on the visual and celebrity aspect of fashion, rather than including the business and serious side of the industry.

Even though I love Business of Fashion, because it has so many insights and hot takes on the industry, their subscription fee is pretty pricey. If you want the BoF Professional package, it’ll cost you $37 per month, or if you choose to pay annually, it’ll cost about $24.50 per month, adding up to $300 per year. If you want to see if the information is that valuable, they do offer a 30-day trial for $1.

I would love to get the Professional version of BoF, but as a recent college graduate, a $300 online publication subscription is just not in my budget. Even though you may not have the money to spend on the Professional version of BoF, they still have a lot to offer for the average reader! Fashion Week, Education, and Community are all tabs that supply you with an abundance of industry knowledge that is so valuable to have. They even have a Careers section to bring job opportunities right to your phone.

Women’s Wear Daily

Another very valuable online and hard copy publication, Women’s Wear Daily, is a lot like Business of Fashion, but more high fashion. Just like true high fashion, these high fashion publications are just as exclusive. While you can find articles to read on WWD, most of the more interesting ones or the in-depth analyses are only for subscribers.

While the subscription isn’t horribly priced, this may be an excellent gift to ask for for your birthday or whatever winter holiday you celebrate. For a gift that keeps on giving, it would cost you $20 per month, or $200 per year (saves you about 17% if you make an annual purchase.) With this subscription, you’d receive full access to the WWD app as well as the online publication, plus an email with a Daily Digital industry briefing every morning to give you the high points of the day’s fashion news.

Although the subscription isn’t too bad, I understand the hesitation of spending an extra $20 per month for something you’re not even getting in person. If this is the case for you and you’re still in college, check with your librarian or professors to see if they know if you get any free educational publication subscriptions. I know that when I was in college, whenever I was on campus wifi, WWD was free to me, and it was such a great resource!

Harper’s Bazaar

Lastly, like Vogue, is a hard copy and online publication that has made its name as a fashion bible. Known for its out-of-the-box covers and fashion photography, Harper’s Bazaar is the Holy Grail of fashion magazines. The UK-based publication focuses on celebrities, trends, and culture, all laid out beautifully on your computer screen.

Fashion and lifestyle insights from Bazaar will cost you only $10 per year. But wait, there’s more! As they’re owned by the same company (Hearst Magazines), right now, you can also get Elle at that $10 price as well! So you’d be getting two magazines per month, so 24 magazines for the whole year, for only $10. That’s what I call a good deal! There are also other deals where you can add a Marie Claire magazine onto your Harper’s Bazaar subscription for only $5 per year. Whichever pairing you go with is an insanely good deal.





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