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“Oh my god, where did you get your Oscar de la Renta handbag from?” 


This is not a sentence that you wouldn’t expect from a consumer of luxury fashion but according to The Business of Fashion, “ Inc. has launched a “Luxury Store” platform in a bid to persuade upscale brands to sell their wares on the e-commerce giant’s marketplace.” 

Right now, Oscar de la Renta is the only fashion label to open up a shop on the app, and Cara Delevingne is the face of the campaign. While Amazon itself is a store, the company is allowing luxury brands to open a store within its store. Amazon says it expects more ready-to-wear, accessories, and beauty brands will be joining the app in the coming weeks. 

This new app will allow users to have a unique shopping experience. Customers will have the chance to view products in 360-degree detail. Customers can also see products on different body types and skin tones to get a better understanding of how the pieces would look on themselves. 

According to The Verge, all amazon shoppers do not get to browse through these stores. Only a select few Amazon Prime members in the US will be allowed to shop because you have to be invited; however, you can request an invite. 

In an article for Vogue, Christine Beauchamp, the president of Amazon Fashion, said, “in the past year, Amazon customers have ordered over a billion fashion items on mobile.” This was good news to the CEO of Oscar de la Renta, who said that almost 100 percent of the companies customers are already shopping on Amazon, and a large percentage of those shoppers are Prime members. 

This could potentially change the way we consume luxury fashion forever. We’re seeing virtual fashion shows and virtual shopping experiences like never before. Soon we truly won’t ever have to leave the house, not even for a luxury handbag. 

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