How to Land Your First Brand Deal as a ‘Micro Influencer’

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In this age of technology, it has become evident that social media can be used for more than just staying connected. In fact, more and more people are beginning to make a living as influnecers on various platforms. Of course, the journey to becoming an influencer is not always an easy one. Often times, people spend years building up a following as ‘micro influencers’. Micro influencers are up-and-coming individuals in the industry, who typically have smaller followings.

As a newer member of this community, it can sometimes be hard to navigate relationships with brands. Often, it feels the only option is to post consistently and hope to one day get noticed. However, there are plenty of actions you can take right now to secure your first brand deal. We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to help you kickstart your career as a micro-influencer!

Create a Blog or Website

Chances are if you’re reading this is in hopes of landing your first brand deal, you’ve already created a strong presence for yourself through social media. While a beautifully curated Instagram feed can help gain the attention of brands, that’s not the only way! Creating a blog or website showcasing your content as a micro-influencer is a great way to allow brands to get a better sense of who you are and what you have to offer in terms of a partnership! Likewise, brands will be eager to collaborate, knowing that you can promote their products across multiple platforms!

Engage with Brands Via Instagram

Perhaps one of the best ways to show a brand that you are interested in working with them is to engage with them as much as possible via social media. Be sure to leave a like and comment on their posts and stay up to date on the brand’s latest happenings.

You can also gain the attention of brands by posting photos in their clothes or with their products. Tag the brand and include any of their specific hashtags in hopes that they see your picture and repost to their page!

Reach Out to Brands Personally

Upon reaching out to many of my favorite influencers, I found that the most common advice that was given was that the best way to land a brand deal or collaboration is to reach out to companies personally. Honestly, before I heard this, I didn’t realize that was possible! I always thought I had to wait for brands to reach out to me first! I mean, of course, I’ve seen individuals with similar followings to me land excellent partnerships with well-known companies. Still, I always figured they just got lucky enough to have had the right people stumble across their page! More often than not, these micro-influencers were able to get these deals by taking the initiative and inquiring to brands directly about working together.

Before reaching out, however, it is essential to prepare a pitch. The brand will want to know what you have to offer before agreeing to a partnership. Be sure to include a proposition for the collaboration when you reach out– if possible, considering attaching an example of what the content you plan to produce may look like!

Look for Opportunities to Review Products

There are many up-and-coming brands out there that are looking to gain exposure in the form of product reviews. In my experience, I’ve found that many newer beauty brands, in particular, are willing to offer free products to sample in exchange for a review. This can be a great way to gain exposure on your blog and showcase what you have to offer in terms of a future collaboration!

Find Helpful Apps

Did you know that there are apps out there that exist for the sole purpose of connecting influencers to brands?! Sounds crazy, right? But in some cases, it is that simple!

Apps like “Influenster,” “Collabor8”, “BoostInsider,” and “Hearbeat” are among some of the many apps on the market that allow brands to get in touch with relevant influencers. Some of these apps even offer opportunities for paid partnerships! They are worth checking out if you are someone with a smaller following who is eager to begin working with brands!

I hope that you found these five tips useful! Remember that the key to success in this industry is to be yourself!





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