How To Land an Internship In Times of a Pandemic

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If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that this year has been tough. Between the economy struggling and small businesses closing left and right, it can feel as though the last thing a company is looking to do right now is hire an intern. The fashion industry has been hit especially hard by the pandemic in terms of jobs, which can feel extremely discouraging if you’re looking for an internship as a fashion student. However, don’t let these hard times discourage you from trying to land that dream job or internship, especially if you need it for a school requirement! Landing an internship these days is possible, but, like everything in 2020, the way you go about it may just look a little different. We’re here to steer you in the right direction and give you every tip and trick for landing and nailing that interview. 

Know Your Worth

While you may just be applying for every job posting you see on LinkedIn, desperate to hear something back, keep in mind that not every internship may be right for you. Especially if you’re someone that has had great internships in the past, don’t sell yourself short by taking a job that may send you backward in your career just because you’re trying to fulfill a requirement for school. That being said, going on interviews is great practice and experience, even if you don’t end up taking the job. Know what you bring to the table, know what internships are worth it, and which ones aren’t.

Reach out once…twice…or three time

If you’ve been applying to job postings nonstop but are just getting radio silence on the other end, don’t be afraid to reach out again! Find the contact information of the HR manager at your dream job and go the extra mile by shooting them an email after you send in your application. Introducing yourself and reiterating your interest in the job will help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Don’t worry about being annoying or ‘too much’; the company wants to fill the position just as much as you do.

Apply for jobs you wouldn’t normally go for

Don’t pass up on jobs you think you’re under-qualified for. You never know what could strike an employer’s eye or what they could be looking for! At the very least, your resume will be in their system for the future, which is great exposure! These are crazy times, so anything is possible.

Showcase your resilience 

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When you do finally get that interview (and you will!) be sure to highlight anything you’ve done during the months of the pandemic. Whether it be that new hobby you took on in quarantine or simply your experience with online school. Discuss how you’ve been resilient during these difficult times and demonstrate to the interviewer that you have the passion and drive beyond the workplace. Plus, it is a good talking point and a great way to stand out and impress them.

Perfect your virtual interview skills

Odds are, your interviews are going to be all virtual, so you’re going to want to be prepared. Be sure to perfect your Zoom interview by having a neutral background, some good lighting, and a great outfit! Make sure to also test your sound beforehand and limit all distractions around you as much as possible. Pro tip: even though your interviewer won’t be able to see them, throw on a pair of heels or any shoe that makes you feel powerful af. They’ll give you confidence, power, and will make the interview feel as real as possible.

Don’t get discouraged

We know how hard these times are and not being able to find a job because it can feel disheartening and frustrating. Don’t give up! Everyone is taking this unprecedented pandemic day by day, which means employers may not have figured out their internship plans yet. Just because you haven’t heard anything yet, that doesn’t mean you never will. Remember to keep your options open, have a positive outlook, and be confident in yourself and your skills. We’ll get through this!

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