How to Become a Goal-Oriented Queen

One of the most important things you learn in fashion fundamentals is how to set goals. Goals are a fantastic way to give yourself a roadmap to follow and help you achieve what you want. Whether it be career, financially, or personally driven, setting goals keeps you focused, allows you to measure your progress, and keeps you motivated. 

Get yourself into a good state of mind by sitting down in a relaxing environment. Grab a cup of coffee or whatever your drink of choice is and let your mind explore all of the goals you have in mind, no matter how big or small. 

The Fashion Fundamentals course splits goal setting up into 4 parts: 

GOAL: What are your goals? 

Audree is a huge advocate for visualizing and writing down goals. You should make specific and clear goals. These goals should challenge you and make you think bigger yet still realistic. Setting goals that are important to you and attainable will keep you motivated and focused on actually fulfilling them. 

STEPS: What are you doing to achieve your goal?

Here is where you want to think about what you are doing. You may be about to graduate college, and you want to take that degree and get a job. Maybe you are moving to a new city in an effort to gain new life experiences. Whatever the goal is, this helps you measure what you have done and gives you better insight into what needs to be done to get you there.

PLAN: What are you going to do to achieve your goal? 

Once you’ve determined the steps you’re already taking its time to figure out those steps that still need to be done and turn it into a plan. This is where hard work and dedication will take over and why you must set goals you are passionate about. You need to develop plans within your goal. Think of 3 things you can do this month or year to work towards your goal and do them.

ACTION: Make your dreams come true!

Make sure these plans align with the complexity of your goals and then turn these plans into action. Get out there and get the job done! Stay motivated and remained focused on your goal. There is one thing you can always be sure of; hard work continuously pays off. If you take these steps seriously, you will be achieving your goals in no time. 

Sarah Limas



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