Channel Your Inner Barbie and Bratz Doll With These Perfect Looks

Barbie and Bratz were inarguably some of the most popular dolls in the early 2000s. With signature looks such as crop tops, sundresses, thigh-high boots, and fashionable accessories, Barbie and Bratz dolls were the staple fashion doll icons, with many young kids wanting to dress up like them. 

With many fashion-based creators on TikTok recreating looks from the Bratz series and with the popular clothing brand, Dolls Kill releasing a Bratz-inspired collection, the Bratz brand has been making a comeback in the world of fashion. Forever 21 also released a Barbie-styled collection with dresses, hats, and other accessories in pink with the Barbie logo on it and Moschino did a Barbie-themed collection a few years ago. 

In need of some inspo on how to dress like a Barbie doll or a Bratz doll? We’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite looks that you can recreate and channel your inner childhood diva!

Forever 21’s Barbie inspired collection is sure to bring out touches of nostalgia from your favorite childhood doll! Their Barbie inspired collection has all the hottest Barbie pieces with pink velvet dresses and two piece sets, cropped hoodies, sweatpants, and long sleeve shirts! And of course, it wouldn’t be Barbie without the white and pink Barbie logo on it!

For their Spring 2015 line, Moschino did a Barbie-inspired collection, showcasing different dresses and accessories in shades of pink. After Moschino’s Creative Director, Jeremy Scott released the popular collection, he released an actual Moschino Barbie, which sold out within minutes of its release. The show featured multiple Barbie-themed accessories and clothing such as polka dot skirts, towel dresses, and fun bikinis, matching pink sets, dresses, and more!

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Last year, DollsKill released a BRATZ-themed collection, which became extremely popular on social media. Popular items from the collection include fuzzy hats, shirts, mini skirts, Rhinestone shirts and jackets, and masks. They also have accessories such as belts with the BRATZ logo, platform boots, roller skates, and more!

Sites like Shein, Fashionnova, Boohoo, and Cider are also great for getting clothing inspired by Barbie dolls and Bratz dolls! You can also look at apps like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration on dressing like the popular dolls.

To dress like a Bratz doll, we’re going to give you a few staple accessories and pieces that you’ll need in your wardrobe. The Bratz loved accessorizing with big hoop earrings, denim boots, platform boots, hats, mini purses, sequins, and belts. For clothing, you’re probably going to want to go with crop tops, boot cut jeans, mini skirts, and cute neutral-toned dresses. There are so many different looks inspired by Bratz dolls that you can create! Check out their Instagram page for inspiration on what accessories and clothing you may need to dress like one of the Bratz.

To dress like a Barbie doll, you’re going to want more accessories and clothing that are pink and white, which are the colors that Barbie is seen in the most. For clothing, it’s best to go with mini skirts, pleated skirts, short sleeve shirts, and dresses. For accessories, pink sunglasses, pink purses, heels, and pearl earrings. There are so many different types of Barbie dolls out there, so don’t be afraid to play around with styles and colors! Check out some of the dolls on their website for some inspiration on dressing like a Barbie.

You can also look at y2k style and influencers for inspiration. TikTok is also another app to look at for inspiration. Many people have been taking to the app to dress like Bratz dolls, accessorizing with similar outfits, and doing their makeup similarly to the Bratz. TikTok users such as @typically_bella, @anjeezyalmighty, and @justbeingbella are great for looking for Bratz-inspired outfits!

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