Asian American Owned Fashion and Beauty Brands to Shop From

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It seems like minorities in this country just can’t catch a break. After months of protesting and participating with  #BlackLivesMatter movement in support of the black community against police brutality, I thought that maybe we would finally get a moment of peace and quiet. But during these days, “peace and quiet” just does not seem to be on the agenda. The focus has now shifted to the Asian community as there has been an immense rise in hate crimes since the start of the pandemic. And based on the way things are going, it doesn’t look like these wretched acts are going away anytime soon.

 It’s completely heartbreaking to watch this blatant racism and violent behavior towards the Asian community. It’s important that we come together as people and show our support towards the Asian community and let everyone know that these horrifying attacks will not be tolerated. A great way to be a good ally is supporting and donating to the different organizations that are taking active steps to fighting back against racism, xenophobia and hate crime, including resources such as the Stop AAPI Hate Organization and The AAPI Emergency Response Network (ERN). Another great way to show your love for the community is by supporting Asian-American owned brands. Below Fashion Fundamentals has rounded up a list of amazing Asian-American owned  fashion and beauty brands to buy from. Time to shop away!

Notte Jewelry

Image Source: Notte Jewelry

For all my nostalgic jewelry lovers out there, this one’s for you. Founded by Jessica Tse and based in New York, this jewelry brand has an extremely fun aesthetic to it. The childhood nostalgic aesthetic has returned in fashion, and these pieces would be a great added accessory. Pearls, smiley faces, yin and yang, and flowers are just a few of the product options to choose from. BRB as I buy a smiley face necklace while thinking back about my childhood memories! 


Image Source: Mauby

Created and owned by Korean-American, Carol Min, Mauby is a Los Angeles based brand that brings comfort and style.Their clothing is designed to bring comfort, fit and sophistication, and I am totally obsessed. These are the perfect items to help transition back into the real world, while maintaining the comfort clothing that our quarantine era brought. Mauby offers tons of style staples such as sweats, cardigans and loungewear sets. On top of being stylish, they also give back to the community by supporting and donating to local nonprofits.


Image Source: JW PEI

It can be hard to find trendy bags at an affordable price. Well look no further because JW Pei has exactly what you are looking for. The brand was founded by Stephanie Li and Yang Pei, a husband and wife couple. All the materials are vegan friendly and made out of recycled plastic. It’s hard to find affordable trendy bags, and it’s even harder to find affordable trendy bags that are sustainable. With nearly all their items being under $100, JW Pei really hits everything on the checklist. Though the bags are relatively inexpensive, they look extremely luxe which is great for our closets and our pocketbook.

Tower 28

Image Source: Tower 28

Founder, Amy Liu, is here to bring us clean beauty to add in our vanities. The Santa Monica based brands give us beach energy in a clean way. All the products are non toxic, vegan and cruelty free, full of nourishing ingredients and free of sensitizing irritants — all while still providing high performance care. Tower 28’s beauty products follow the EU Regulation (which bans over 1,300 ingredients for use in cosmetics) and the National Eczema Association’s ingredient guidelines, so you can count on everything to be tested and confirmed that the ingredients are genuinely good for the skin.


Image Source: PH5

In case you may recognize the name, PH5 was one the brands that recently showed a collection in NYFW this past February. Created and owned by Wei Lin and Zoe Champion, this brand is perfect for any knitwear lovers out there. They provide awesome texture, design elements and color combinations such as asymmetrical silhouettes, color blocking, sequins and a multitude of unique prints. With knitwear being a huge trend for the upcoming fall season, this is a great way to dress comfortable while still remaining fashionable.

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