A Look At Street Style in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is known as one of the biggest fashion hubs. With tons of influencers and people in Japan, lining up the streets to take pictures of their outfits, Tokyo has been known as one of the unique places for fashion. Earlier this month, Tokyo Fashion Week took place, with designers and photographers being featured in huge publications such as Vogue. Fashion in Tokyo is so unique and expressive, with many people going all out dressing in layers, wearing chains, puffy dresses, and bright neon colors. 

In Japan, there are so many different fashion styles, brands, and aesthetics that people choose to wear. From lolita fashion to alternative, to pastel and neon tones, and mix-match prints, Tokyo fashion is an expressive art form and is one of the best places for fashion lovers to express their personalities and love for fashion. Here is a look at some of our favorite styles in Tokyo!

Tokyo Fashion Week

Tokyo Fashion Week took place in March this year, with many models and influencers being photographed on the streets during fashion week. Just earlier this week, Vogue highlighted looks from Tokyo’s Fashion Week with photographs from tokyofashion.com. Most of the looks highlighted consisted of bold prints and colors, with a few minimalistic looks. Many of the people photographed used masks, jewelry, chains, and chic bags as accessories. 

Photos: Tokyo Fashion

Street Style in Harajuku

Harajuku, located in between Shibuya and Shinjuku in Tokyo is known as a fashion paradise. Filled with art, culture, color, and youth, many people in Harajuku use fashion as a way to express their personalities. Many of the youth in Harajuku dress how they want without fear of being judged. Style in Harajuku ranges from cute, casual, and minimalistic, to bright, vibrant, and extreme. Many people express their sense of fashion by wearing colorful wigs, lots of piercings, platform boots, poofy colorful dresses, and more. Goth fashion, Decora Kei fashion, cosplay looks, Gothic, Sweet, and Punk Lolita, and street style are widely popular in Harajuku.

Photos: Tokyo Fashion

Street Style in Shibuya

Street style in Shibuya is similar to style in Harajuku. Many of the people wearing street style in Shibuya are seen wearing designer items from high-end brands like Chanel, Zara, and Moschino. Mixing and matching different prints and patterns is common in street style in Shibuya. Alternative fashion, cosplay, and pastel tones are extremely popular styles in Shibuya.

Photos: Tokyo Fashion

Pastel Tones

Pastel tones are a staple in Tokyo fashion. Influencers and fashion lovers take pastel fashion up a notch by wearing pastel wigs, multi-colored jackets, and accessories like boots, jewelry, and bags. 

Photos: Tokyo Fashion & Harajuku Fashion Walk

Neon Colors

Neon tones and bright colors are another staple in Tokyo fashion. People embrace neon colors wearing bright, multi-colored jackets with matching pants, dresses, and accessories.

Photos: Tokyo Fashion & Harajuku Fashion Walk

Cosplay Fashion

Japan is the epicenter for anime and cosplay and people often dress up as their favorite anime characters. Over the past few years, cosplay has become more popular in Tokyo. Many people take to the streets on Halloween to dress up in cosplay and attend events for cosplayers. While most cosplayers make their own costumes, Tokyo has many shops where you can get costumes for cosplay. 

Photos: Tokyo Fashion & Harajuku Fashion Walk

Alternative/Goth Fashion

Alternative and goth fashion, also known as visual kei, in Tokyo takes it up a notch compared to the fashions in the U.S. Many people in Tokyo dress up in the alternative and goth aesthetic, wearing all black, heavy piercings, plaid, lace, chained belts, chokers, and more!

Photos: Tokyo Fashion & Harajuku Fashion Walk

Minimalist Street Style

Minimalistic style in Tokyo is much calmer and laid back. Many fashion enthusiasts are photographed in the streets wearing blazers, hoodies, jackets, and other clothing and accessories. Most of the minimalistic styles in japan consist of monochromatic colors such as brown, red, black, white, and pink.

Photos: Tokyo Fashion

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