9 Things I Learned While Interning in NYC

For the past three years, I’ve spent my summers interning in NYC. My first internship was after my freshman year of university, and I was a young and naive 19-year-old. Though I’m still young, I know a bit more than when I hopped off the plane in Newark, NJ in May 2016. Each summer I grew in different ways, and each of my internship experiences taught me a thing or two.

During my experiences, I was able to learn more about myself, the fashion industry, and what different positions entail. I certainly don’t know everything about the fashion industry or the specific part of the industry I’ve interned in. However, I feel like I know more than those who haven’t held internship positions. Follow along below for nine things I learned while interning in NYC. Enjoy! xo

Summer 1: Redbook Magazine

I remember my first summer in NYC like it was yesterday. I’d never been to NYC before accepting my internship position, and I was eager to learn. I interned in Redbook Magazine’s fashion closet as a fashion closet intern. Since this was my first internship, it taught me a lot and those lessons I still remember to this day.

Lesson 1: First One In, Last One Out

During my first internship, I learned that hard work gets you recognized. I learned that if you go the extra mile, it will work towards your favor in the end. One thing I’ll always remember is to be the first one in and the last one out. It shows that you have initiative and drive. Of course, if you’re going to do this put your best foot forward and give your work your all.

Lesson 2: Own Up To Your Mistakes

It was my first internship and mistakes were made. Before I even started the internship I knew to own up to my mistakes. I had to do this when I accidentally sent a sample back to the wrong address. Even though it was hard to own up to my mistake, I knew that it was the right thing to do. Owning up to your mistakes is part of life, and the sooner you learn, the better for everyone.

Lesson 3: Be Adaptable

The fashion industry is one that is ever changing. That also means that not every day is the same. My first summer I learned how to be more adaptable than I’d ever been. Somedays I’d need to go in early, stay late, or run errands that I never expect to run. This lesson I’ve used in multiple situations, and it has helped me flourish in my career.

Summer 2: SimplyAudreeKate.com

My journey with team SAK began in September 2016, but I relocated to NYC for summer ’17 to be with Audree in person. That summer was full of learning and realizations. Interning for Audree pushed me out of my comfort zones and helped me grow as a person. Audree is one of the best mentors/bosses I’ve ever had, and I continue to learn from her.

Lesson 1: Network, Network, Network

During summer ’17 I attended multiple press events for Audree and was forced out of my shell. I learned how to talk to a stranger and connect with them on a personal level. Along with attending press events, Audree pushed me the reach out to people in the fashion industry. That summer I went on multiple informational interviews, and I still keep in contact with some of them to this day.

Lesson 2: Find Your Own Personal Style

During summer ’17 I learned how life-transforming figuring out your style could be. Having a mentor who was so into individuality helped me embrace myself and learn how to style things to my liking. During those three months, my style transformed and so did I. When I left NYC after that summer I left as a better version of myself

Lesson 3: It’s All About The Hustle

During my internship with team SAK I learned that doing the bare minimum was not going to cut it. Audree taught me to survive in NYC it takes blood, sweat, and a whole lot of hustle. She taught me that it’s normal to have the main hustle and multiple side hustles. In a city like NYC, it’s all about showing off that you know how to work hard and handle it well.

Summer 4: V Magazine

My last summer internship was at V Magazine. A creative magazine that focuses on fashion, music, and art of the young urbanite. I met my internship supervisor the summer before during one of my informational interviews and kept in contact. This past summer was the summer before starting my senior year, and it was another summer filled with lessons and memories.

Lesson 1: Not Every Magazine Is The Same

My first summer internship was at a magazine and so was my last. Even though my experiences at Redbook magazine did help prepare me for V; I learned very quickly that every magazine is different. This is where my adaptability came into hand. My days at V Magazine were very different than those at Redbook. That’s okay though because I learned a lot from it.

Lesson 2: Strive To Work Well With Others

I’m a team player, and most jobs/internships push you to be one. However, this summer I learned that not everyone wants to be a team player. I learned to take that with grace and be there for those people in case they ever did need help. I learned how important mutual respect is, and I would like to stress again that being a team player is key in a job.

Lesson 3: Have Fun

While interning at V Magazine I was also taught to have fun with your job. Yes, get your work done, but not everything at work has to be dull or boring. Chat with your co-workers, sing along to that song playing in the office, and take breaks when needed. Make work fun for yourself and others because it will be more enjoyable all around.

I’ve learned more than just these nine things, but these are what stand out to me most!





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