6 saving tips for students

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Every student knows the struggle of trying to keep up with their classes, having a social life, a job, and extracurriculars while trying to not go completely broke by the end of the school year. If you’re someone that gets burned out easily, you’re probably trying to do your best to not get a job during the school year. To help you through the struggle, and to keep you from eating dollar noodle packets everyday, here are six saving tips for students.

Delete your food delivery apps

 If you don’t want to walk 5 minutes to the fast food joint down the street, you can probably find something in your cupboard that will save you from spending $15 on a meal you really didn’t need. Try to eat out as little as possible when you’re trying to save. 

Set reachable goals for yourself

If you set unrealistic goals for yourself, you’re more likely to get frustrated that you aren’t able to reach them and stop trying. Set a budget for yourself with a realistic amount for food and extra spending money. 

Save all of your coins 

A couple of dimes aren’t much on their own, but coins add up after a couple of months. Save all of your change in a jar and don’t touch it for at least six months. This is a really simple way to save up a couple hundred dollars without feeling like you’re really strapped for cash. The best thing about this tip is that you don’t even realize how much change you are missing out on until you cash in months later. When I used to do this in high school I would usually save around $400-600 in coins. Who said piggy banks are just for kids? 

Give yourself a weekly cash budget

If you’re a university student like me, sometimes your bank account can get pretty low without you realizing it. If you make your “extra” spending budget cash instead of using debit, you’re more likely to stick to your decision and it will help you realize how much money you actually spend.

Cancel subscription boxes

Okay, I know subscriptions are easy and so much fun, but we’re going to have to cut them out for a bit. Our generation loves our subscriptions, but with all of your subscription boxes getting charged to your credit card, you don’t see how much money you are actually spending. Now, if your subscription is helping you save money in some way, I say go for it and keep it. If now, well i’m afraid it’s going to have to get scrapped. 

Hit the sales section

The sales section — a student’s best friend. Start planning your meals by what coupons are out or which store has the best deals. If you need to shop for clothing, I bet you’ll be able to find a website that has a sale on the section that you’re looking for. I swear, you’ll be able to find almost anything on sale, just keep your eyes peeled for those deals! 




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