6 Of Our Favorite Fashion-Based YouTube Channels

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From videos on fashion to beauty to food, YouTube has become a hub for watching informative and fun videos. Many fashion lovers flock to the popular site to watch videos on style, trends, and information about the fashion industry. With so many social media applications and sites, I’ve found that YouTube is a great source for information on fashion, especially if you’re really looking to dive deep into certain areas or topics of the industry. Here are six of our favorite fashion-based channels that you should subscribe to ASAP!

Clever & Chic

Clever & Chic is a youtube channel that provides commentary on fashion in film, celebrity style, designer collections, and more! Some of their most viewed videos include character style analysis, where they go explain the psychology behind how certain television show characters dress. In their latest style analysis, which is also their most viewed video with over 300k views, they go through a detailed description and analysis of the popular Skins U.K. character, Effy Stonem. They explain the psychology behind Effy’s punk and “mysterious girl” style. 

Modern Gurlz

Modern Gurlz is another fashion-based channel that covers style, fashion trends, movie and character fashion, and iconic fashion moments. They analyze fashion from popular movies like “Legally Blonde,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Mean Girls,” and more! They also do videos showcasing the best dresses in cinematic history, categorized by color, along with interviews from costume designers, and fashion trends and predictions!

Haute Le Mode

Luke Meagher is a fashion critic, giving you the latest critiques on runway fashion, celebrity style, award shows, fashion week, and more on his channel, Haute Le Mode. Meagher uses him vibrant and funny personality, to inform viewers of about the industry, while giving detailed information and digging deep to analyze the fashion industry!

Kailee Mckenzie

Kailee Mckenzie is a fashion YouTuber based in New York. Her channel is all about personal style, sustainable fashion, and working in the industry. The popular YouTuber attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she has videos all about her experience in fashion school. She also started her own brand, Staats Ballet, where she showcasing the pieces from their collection on her channel. If you’re looking for a channel that discussing going to fashion school, working in the industry, tips on thrifting, and more, then definitely subscribe to Kailee’s channel!

ADO Models

If you’re fascinated with the world of modeling, ADO Models should definitely be your go-to! This channel has collections of videos showcasing models and the designers they’ve walked for, featuring models like Gigi Hadid, Adut Akech, Sora Choi, and more! They also provide hindsight on information about the highest paid models and the models who walked the most shows in a year.

FF Chanel

Last, but not least, we have FF Channel. This YouTube channel is going to be your go to for watching basically any fashion show! They post runway videos from all of the fashion weeks from pretty much all of the designers. From Resort Fashion Week to NYFW to Barcelona Bridal Week, this channel has got everything and will keep you up to date on the latest runway looks!

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