5 Fashion TikTok Trends We Are Loving At The Moment

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With millions of users on the popular app, TikTok has become a hub for dancing, fashion, baking, and hundreds of other things. Fashion creators have essentially traded out Instagram and YouTube for TikTok, where they showcase their favorite trends, cute outfits, and accessories, and talk about all things fashion, in less than 60 seconds. With fashion-forward creators starting and highlighting fashion trends on the app, TikTok is the go-to for finding the best trendy pieces. Here are five of our favorite current fashion trends from TikTok!


Corsets are one of the most popular trends to hit TikTok. Fashion creators showcase different styles with corsets, usually pairing them with skirts, button-up shirts, and dresses. Popular users like @lucia_meep, @vixenesha, @kateebartlett, and @the.navarose style their favorite corsets with different accessories and clothing.


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Video courtesy of @vixenesha on TikTok.

Flare Pants

Flare pants are another popular trend that has been taking over TikTok. Many users like to style these flowy pants with oversized hoodies, flannels, sweaters. TikTok users such as @shaynehydn and @lilstaryuh2.0 have been taking over this trend, style flare leggings with fur coats, sweaters, and other accessories.


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Video courtesy of user, @Shaynehydn on TikTok.


Patchwork has been trending on TikTok for quite some time now. Fashion students have taken to the app to showcase their designs for patchwork pants, tank tops, and sets. Fashion creators on the app have even shown how to style patchwork jeans in different colors.


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Video courtesy of user @stupidandstinky on TikTok.

Pleated Skirts

For the winter and spring, pleated skirts are pretty much the number one trend on the app. Creators like to pair pleated skirts with sweaters, collared shirts, and crop tops, usually pairing with accessories such as chains, belts, and jewelry.


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Video courtesy of user @funkyfitz on TikTok.

Fur Coats and Bucket Hats

This season, the cold weather is prompting people to bring out the fur. Fur coats and bucket hats with animal prints and heart patterns are super cute and trendy for the season! Follow users like @saandinka and @chanelmckinsie and @__Carson for some serious fur inspo!


Video courtesy of user @chanelmckinsie on TikTok.

Have you tried any of these TikTok fashion trends? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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