3 Instagram Artists That Will Inspire You

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You know how you can read or see something inspiring on Instagram and it instantly changes your mood? This past year has been collectively horrible for all, so I think we need all the inspiration we can get. I’ve come across a few artists over the past year that instantly improve my mood, and I think a lot of other people have resonated with their messages as well due to the pandemic. If you’re feeling like you need a little inspiration or motivation, check out the amazing art done by these three ladies. Their art is inspiring, beautiful and just makes you feel like a total bad-ass. I love their art so much that I’ve made them my computer desktop background. Sometimes you need a daily reminder of how awesome you are.

Sasa Elebea

Sasa is a popular artist on Instagram with over 176K followers and is a Spaniard living in Tel Aviv. Even though her grid is all art, her stories are fun and you get to see Tel Aviv front and center. She is a total bad-ass and wants to remind you that you are one, too. Her art is colorful and girly but with a kick-ass message. Some of my favorites include:

“Unsolicited opinions from random people” on the back of a garbage can.

“It will not open if it’s not for you” on a set of keys.

“Live up to your dreams, not their wishes” on a coffee mug.

“Build a life you don’t need to escape from” on a T-shirt.

Her illustrations are so popular that she regularly gets requests to turn her work into stickers, print on T-shirts, mugs, you name it. And now she has them all available for purchase. 

Stephanie Chinn Art

Sometimes when you’re feeling down in the dumps and open Instagram to pass the time, you come across an inspirational quote that makes you feel better. Stephanie’s grid is filled with these but specific to body positivity and mental health and addiction awareness. So, if you struggle with any of these things and you’re looking for a mental health pick up or body positive art, Stephanie is the best. Her artwork is always uplifting and focuses on what matters most: loving yourself as you are. 

One of most popular designs is one that I think we can all relate to, and it says, “This body is just the keeper of my magic.” 

Other favorites are:

“My body does far more for me than your opinion ever will.”

“You don’t have to be small or play small for the comfort of other humans.”

“You are absolutely stunning, and that is the least interesting thing about you.”

Chinn seems like such a nice, caring and genuine person, like that friend that always roots for you, and her art definitely translates that. Like Sasa, she sells prints, t-shirts and other items with her art on it.

Manal Mirza

Manal is an amazing illustrator who focuses on feminism and social justice themes. Her art is colorful, beautiful and full of strong women. And she’s diversifying. She sells prints of most of her illustrations online, does custom illustrations and just did the illustration of a children’s book. I’ve only been following her for a short time but every time I see her art, it makes me feel proud to be a woman. It’s that powerful. 

Sometimes you just need to see some beautiful and inspiring art to make you feel better, and since IG is all visual, it’s the perfect place to find an amazing artist that you can follow. These ladies definitely inspire me, so I absolutely love finding accounts like theirs.

Do you have any artists that you love following on IG? Share them below!

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