Trader Joe’s Best Seasonal Treats

Those that know me know I love to shop and find a good deal, but I have never been a fan of grocery shopping. Shopping for groceries used to stress me out. All of the people, the stress of having to figure out what you are going to prepare and cook, and the hassle of carrying everything back to my apartment was always something I pushed off until I absolutely had to.

This all changed when I moved close to a Trader Joes. From their low prices and weekly deals to their new products that continue to roll out each year, Trader Joes never seems to disappoint. I’ve never been a super picky eater, but never thought of myself as a cook either but TJ’s helped me slow down and try something new and go out of my comfort zone. TJ’s always has fresh produce and new fun prepared meals to try and this year is no different., They have released Fall seasonal products in many categories and whether you have a sweet tooth or want a hearty dinner you will find something new to try. We don’t know how long these will be in stores, so you will not want to miss out. 

Sweet Treats

Apple Cider Donuts

These are the best donuts I’ve ever had from a grocery store. Cake donuts with cinnamon sugar on them is a taste I wish I could have every day. 

Raspberry Stars 

PHOTO: Courtney Adams

These are a must try! I would be lying if I said I didn’t eat half the box in one sitting. They are two shortbread cookies sandwiched together by raspberry jam. I would recommend the next time you have a wine night with your roommates., That way you can’t be tempted to eat the box all by yourself.

Chocolate Mousse Pumpkins 

PHOTO: Courtney Adams

Another sweet treat that is a must try dessert are the chocolate mousse pumpkins. They are orange pumpkin shaped chocolatey goodness that melts in your mouth. 

Maple Streusel Bread 

PHOTO: Courtney Adams

This is another wonderful option if you have a sweet teeth and want to try something seasonal. This bread is sweet and good straight from the bag, toasted or baked.  

Warming Up

Harvest Chili 

This is a vegan chili that even meat lovers will go towards. While I am not full blown vegetarian I make it a goal to eat more plant based meals and this was a life saver when I got sick. It comes in a large tub and can easily be a few meals, but no judgement if you eat the whole thing. I’m serious when I say that it’s that’s good. 

Pumpkin Bisque

PHOTO: Courtney Adams

Pumpkin is given their time to shine come September, but this is a pantry staple you can use any time of the year. Pair with some vegetables and bread and warm up with this dinner in no time. 


PHOTO: Courtney Adams

Starbucks is not the only place that has perfected the fall and holiday specific beverages and Trader Joes does not get enough credit for their coffee options. You can make that latte all from the comforts of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Trader Joe’s has options you will need to make your favorite fall flavor drink.

If you are wanting to save some cash, making your own coffee can be a good thing to cut out. I used to get Starbucks religiously because it was on the way to work and while it was always a good pick me up and treat myself wrapped in one, it would cost me up to $6 a day. Now that I’m working from home I don’t buy as much coffee but I do like to get the occasional Dunkin’ latte and walk around the block.

Instead of spending money for one coffee, I’ve been trying different options at the store to make my own. They had a great maple almond coffee creamer for the Halloween season and now they have debuted a peppermint mocha almond creamer and it is delicious. Mix with their instant cold brew with hot or cold water or with your favorite brewed coffee. Invest in some whipped cream and sprinkles for the days you need a pick me up and you will have a Starbucks signature drink in 10 minutes all from the comfort of your own home. 

Maybe if we are lucky some of these treats will become yearlong staples in the store, but I’ll be stocking up on the apple cider donuts just in case. Which ones are you going to try? 

Courtney Adams



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