Spring 2021 Trend Alert

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This spring you will see some trends from the past seasons popping up in new styles and fabrics and colors. There’s always plenty of new and fresh trends to find for the spring season. This trend alert is to help you visualize some of the newer trends and some of the same trends for spring 2021.

Puff Sleeve

One of the sweetest trends hailed by designers on the runway was the puff sleeve. From structured and puffed to flowy and romantic, statement sleeves have become a continuous and beloved trend. If you really love this trend don’t worry because you can find it in most any store or thrift store for great prices so that you’re not breaking the bank. We have seen the puff sleeve in previous seasons but it is still so timeless and so classic that we can’t get enough!

Matcha Green and Raspberry Pink

The colors of spring vary from light colored neutrals such as white and beige, to the brighter colors such as green and pink. Green is a staple color to own because of the new green foliage and grass beginning to pop up. These colors are two of the biggest this spring. If you want to make a bold fun fresh statement these are definitely your go to colors. You can find them in most stores in most styles as well.

Slinky Fitted

The age of overflowing clothing for quarantine is slowly dissipating, although not completely gone the new trend of 2021 is slinky and slim fitted — meaning clothing that shapes your figure rather than hides it but not completely in a body con way. This fit is not only classic, girly and beautiful but it is also timeless and fresh for spring 2021.

Wild for Zebra Print

In need of a new print for the spring? Zebra is coming in strong along side the beloved cheetah print. Zebra print gives a fierce and classy vibe seen in black-and-white and now being worn in more in multiple colors this year. Zebra print is such a cool statement piece because of its bold and unique patterns that we haven’t seen in a while.

The Claw Clip

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An adorable new hair trend that will be seen in 2021 is the claw clip. So if you need to tie your hair back and don’t want to use a hair tie, then give a claw clip a try. Not that a regular hair tie will still work, but the claw clip is something different and stylish to have in your hair.

Clothing Cutouts

photo by Shein.com

Clothing with unique cutouts are a new trend to be seen all over! This trend is different from shredded or distressed, as these are cutout to emphasize the style and fit of the piece rather than the edginess. Cutouts on the arm, waist, or even the bust, adds new detail to a basic piece.

Wide Leg Trousers

You can say goodbye to the skinny jean and hello to wild prints and colors on pants. Not to mention the various styles of jeans like straight leg, wide led, cropped, and the plazzao pant.

Sleek Satin

Satin is such a fun new material for the spring. Not only is it soft and silky feeling but satin also helps to keep cool through the spring in the summer and warmer days. You can find all sorts of clothes made from satin and tank tops or skirts to dresses, satin is sure to be your best friend season.

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