How to Tackle a Hectic Schedule like a Boss

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Whether you are starting a new job, have a busy week at school, or have a calendar jam packed with extracurriculars, having a busy schedule can be stressful. In order to avoid crumbling under the pressure, it is crucial to know how best to approach such a schedule.

Color-code everything

As blank space on your calendar becomes harder and harder to find, it can be easy to lose important events in the mess of writing. Taking the time to color-code events can help you to avoid missing an important deadline and allow you to see what events are upcoming in just a quick glance. While this is a time-consuming task, it is one that you will be extremely grateful you did once your hectic week arrives.

Schedule time for breaks

 When faced with a hectic schedule, it is often all too easy to be on the go constantly to ensure that you get everything done and make it to all appointments on time. Despite this, it is crucial to add breaks into schedule, and not just prioritize the tasks that seem impossible to miss. Take five-minute breaks in between tasks or set aside time to grab a coffee on your way to work. These small moments of time will let you take a deep breath and get ready to tackle whatever else the day has to throw at you!  

Write things down 

During a busy day, it is easy to forget important details that may pop up as you work. A new assignment deadline, a dinner with friends, or simply what needs to be picked up at the grocery store are examples of things that can go in one ear and out the other when you are busy. Keeping a notepad near by to write things down as they come up will prevent you from forgetting any crucial info. 

Don’t’ sacrifice a good sleep schedule 

As tempting as it may be to stay up into the wee hours of the morning prepping for the buzzing days ahead, compromising your beauty sleep can actually be quite detrimental to your ability to face your crazy day.  Be sure to go to bed at your regular time so you can wake up ready to face the day!


Perhaps one of the most crucial tips on this list is to prioritize your work. It is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the number of tasks that you need to complete in a week; by prioritizing your most important tasks, you will know where to start, and you will get your hardest work out of the way faster. This will also reduce your stress at the end of the week since you won’t be scrambling to finish harder tasks last minute.

Utilize your phone 

While it is easy for your phone to become a distraction when there is work to be done, it can also be a great tool! By entering any important dates into your phone’s calendar, you can get notifications to remind you of what is coming up. Also, there many apps you can download to help with focusing, time blocking, and more!

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