7 Aesthetic Foods to Up your Insta Game

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

We all have our favorite food bloggers, and while their content is stunning to look at, it often seems unrealistic to recreate. It’s one thing to attempt these extraordinary recipes, but what about the presentation? With food being some of Instagram’s top content, it’s good to know which meals are the easiest to photograph for aesthetically pleasing content. Below are seven aesthetic foods to up your Insta game.


Photo by Ellieelien on Unsplash

Let’s start with the carbs, shall we? These buttery beauties are not only appreciated for their taste, but they are incredibly photogenic. The best part is there are so many ways to dress up a croissant for the occasion. From cheese to chocolate, they’ll always have your back from the picture.


The only way to get a “pizza” our heart is with some pizza. Who can relate? This savory pie will always be acceptable to post. The best part, you ask? Well, the toppings, of course! We love pairing this cheesy goodness with our favorite drink and the waves crashing in the back.

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast will always have a special place in our hearts and on our feed. We know what you’re thinking. Basic, right? Wrong! There are infinite ways to dress up your avocado toast, and we don’t just mean by adding everything bagel seasoning. You can get creative and add anything. Dress it up or dress it down, this green goodness will always be a 10/10!


Who would’ve thought something as sweet and simple as pancakes would be one of the most appealing and aesthetic foods? We sure didn’t, but we’re into it. Your basic, fluffy pancakes are the best, but we don’t mind throwing in some chocolate chips or blueberries. What makes an excellent pancake shot is the perfect amount of butter and a little too much syrup. Just the way we like it!


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Contrary to popular belief, pie is a great treat all year round. With the picnic aesthetic rising, this yummy treat is the perfect accent to add to your set up—anything from cherry to blueberry to lemon meringue. On days you feel like treating yourself, grab a slice for breakfast paired with some coffee. While giving you the perfect aesthetic look, it also makes for a great start to your day!


Photo by Ellieelien on Unsplash

The most decadent cakes have been filling our feeds like no other, not just those satisfying videos, but actual homemade cakes. We’ve come to realize that less is more when curating the perfect feed, so something as simple as your great-grandma’s famous carrot cake recipe will do! How we like it: add some fun frosting on top to give it some glam!

Smoothie Bowls

If you’re looking for insane color, then we suggest swapping your cereal for a smoothie bowl. These bowls have the most vibrant colors ranging from purple to blue to yellow to pink. The options are endless, and these are something you can make at home. If you don’t feel like putting on your chef hat, go to your local acai shop!




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