10 Galentine Party Ideas

This year’s Valentine’s Day may look different in a few ways such as trying a romantic dinner at home, staying in and enjoying your favorite movies all day, or maybe both!

If you’re looking for ideas for how you can spend your Valentine’s Day this year in a safe but super fun way, here are some top 10 Galentine Day Ideas!

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1. At Home Galentine Tea Party

What is as romantic and fun with your friends or boyfriend than a makeshift at home Tea Party!? All you need is tea, teacups, a tablecloth, cake and cookies! Add in some flowers and decorations for your party and spend the afternoon enjoying time with your loved ones! 

2. Have an Arty Party

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Crafts and art are something that anyone can take part in and enjoy this Valentines Day! Not only are there multiple print outs available online, but a simple canvas and some watercolors can be fun too! From paper mache to origami, or watercolors to finger painting, mold and baking clay to a pottery wheel, the options on how you create are endless! Not only can you spend time with family, but you can be as creative as you like!

3. Breakfast In Bed

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An at home baking session is always super fun especially with loved ones! This one is also flexible as you can bake or cook anything you want! Better yet as a couple this would be a great opportunity to cook a meal together and spend time with each other. 

4. Lost Under the Pages

photo by @ana.oelen

If you’re a book worm, maybe reading is the perfect way to spend the day either solo or with a mini book club for Valentine’s day! You could all either select a romance book to collectively read and then gush over or individual ones to bring and share! If the books have a movie out, why not watch the movie as well such as The Fault in Our Stars!

5. Bonding and Board Games

Even if you have to stay inside this Valentines Day, a fun way to stay off your phone and be in the moment with family and friends is by playing board games. There are multiple different games to choose from: Candyland, Monopoly, Connect! 

6. Spa-ntaneoulsy Spa-tacular

photo by @stayklassy

Nothing like an at home spa day to reset and show some self-love and care. This Valentines don’t forget about showing yourself love as well as giving others love and care. Having a spa night can be a super fun way to spend time with your friends at a sleepover too!

7. Movies In, Many Memories

photo by @sophia_lauren

Having a movie night with the girls is super fun especially for Valentines Day! Order a heart shaped pizza with your favorite toppings and chow down! Movies such as The Notebook, After, and even Titanic are great options for a night in with your besties!

8. At Home Coffee House

photo by @brittlyons_

Why go out when you can stay in? Creating a makeshift coffeehouse at home works well! Not only can you try new coffee recipes, but they can be shared right on your couch at home.

9. Dress Up, Stay In

photo by @rejuvenate

Who says you need a reason to dress up? Dress up and feel free to take as many pictures as possible by yourself, with your friends, or family! Make dinner plans with your family in your kitchen and let memories be made!

10. A Bestie Bakeoff

photo by @glutenfreegirlboss

Baking sweet treats with sweet friends is a super fun activity for Valentines Day! No matter if you are baking cupcakes, cookies, brownies, this is great way to be able to spend your time! Not only is it fun, but its delicious to eat as well!

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